Extra Wide Aisles (30 feet or more) - View looking north from office


We have almost 1000 units available.

We offer 10% discounts for those over 55 or retired military. Active duty military, DHS, police, and firemen get a 15% discount.

Prices seen are the standard rate.  All unit sizes are close approximations. 


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5x10=$49, 10x10=$79, 10x15=$115, 10x20=$135, 10x20=$135, 15x20=$164 

Standard Storage Units

 All our storage units are of steel construction with an easy-roll up door and insulation to help dissipate heat and moisture.  Standard Sizes include: 5x10 (50sf), 10x10 (100sf), 10x15 (150sf), 10x20 (200sf), 15x20 (300sf). Ceiling height is about 8ft; door height is 7ft. All unit sizes are close approximations. 

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5x8 - $85, 5x10 - $90, 10x10 - $154

Climate Controlled

Climate-Controlled Units have a variance of temperatures within a certain parameter with the goal of keeping goods from freezing or overheating. Our units have 3" of insulation in the ceiling and exterior walls.  Perfect for storing all your temperature-sensitive goods: furniture, documents, records, pictures, clothing, electronics, film...

Our Climate-Controlled building has its own access code, providing TRIPLE security for documents, records and other items needing further protection.  All unit sizes are close approximations. 

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10x20 & 15X20 electric; warehouse= 400sf and up (as available). Prices vary, please call

Warehouse & Electric

Warehouse Units

 This refers to storage space exceeding our standard unit sizes. Local businesses, vendors and contractors working on Fort Huachuca appreciate the space for storage and the easy access for delivery trucks of all sizes. 

 We have warehouse space from 400 square feet up to 4,000 square feet (subject to availability).  All unit sizes are close approximations.  

Electric Units

We offer lighting and 110 outlets in some of our units .  We have 200 and 300+ square foot spaces available.  All unit sizes are close approximations.