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Can't I just Call you?

Sure! If you don't want to spend time looking for the right question and answer, just call us (Click). 520.458.5770

What are your hours?

GATE: 6:00A to 9:00P (0600 hrs to 2100 hrs) every day of the year.  

OFFICE: 8:00A to 6:00P (0800 hrs to 1800 hrs) Monday thru Friday; Saturday 8:00A to 4:00P (0800 hrs to 1600 hrs). The office is Closed on Sunday.

Do you have auctions?

"Do you guys do auctions, like Storage Wars?" We are probably asked this question weekly. Here are our answers:

  • No.

  • This is Sierra Vista; what do you think you'd get, a new Mercedes? Priceless Antiques? How about bags of discarded clothing, water-stained books, ancient couches and broken particle board shelves.

  • The truthful and non-sarcastic answer is that we don't do auctions. We do all we can to work patiently with customers that neglect payments. We also donate what is usable to local charitable organizations.

If you are seriously interested in auctions, please to go to Tumbleweed Auction. They might just have what you are seeking.


No, not if you rent with us.  Most other storage facilities will push you purchase some sort of insurance (they may require that you purchase their offered policy or ask that you prove you have home owners or renters insurance for your property). Honestly, the odds of you ever NEEDING insurance for your stored property are slim. The bottom line is that requiring you to purchase insurance makes more money -  primarily for the insurance company, and a percentage take for the storage facility. We feel that it is an option, so we make it available if you should choose.

Can I prepay rent?

Yes, you can prepay on your rent. We have special discounts for 6-month or 12-month prepaid packages. If you prepay 5 months at the base rate, then you get 1 month free (month 6). If you prepay for 10 months, then you get 2 months free (months 11 and 12) . We also work with you in reimbursing unused months on a prepaid package if you must terminate your stay early. 

When is my rent due?

Your rent comes due monthly on your 'anniversary date',  AKA, 'due date'.  If you started renting on the 12th of the month, your rent comes due again on the 12th of each month. This means the 11th of the month is your 'vacate date'. 

WHEN can i vacate?

You can vacate your unit at any time.  HOWEVER, there are some very important details you need to know: First, let us know. Your lease agreement asks for a 10 day written notice. Second, vacate BEFORE your anniversary or due date (example: if you started renting on the 12th of the month, clear out your unit and turn in the keys by office closing time on the 11th). Third, turn in your keys. If you do not turn in your keys, you are NOT vacated. We will terminate our lease agreement with you once you have returned the keys to us or paid for the loss or full replacement of keys to your unit. 


If you buy a movie ticket and sit in the theater for half of the show then leave, there is no refund for the part of the show you didn't watch. So, no, we do not prorate rent or reimburse for unused days. Sometimes, customers come to us after they have paid for the month and want to get a portion of their month's rent back; or, once rent comes due, they ask if they can pay for only a day or week since they are moving out. The Lease agreement states that the rental is month-to-month; from anniversary date to anniversary date.  Rent is paid for the month you will be staying, not for the previous month. We suggest that renters plan their move out date as close as possible to their anniversary date without going over in to the new month. We also suggest that you talk to us prior to your due date to discuss your vacate plans, especially if you are on automatic payments. As always, call us if you have questions, and read up on prepaid packages.


Whether your keys were left in Tucson or the Middle East, your spouse misplaced them or they were packed in your household goods and are now en-route to India, lost keys are no fun.  When you rent here, you are loaned 3 keys and a lock to your storage unit. If one or two keys are misplaced, there is a $21.61 charge. If all 3 keys are lost, then there is a $46.61 charge.  Some points to consider:

  • We do not have a 'Master Key' that gives us access to all locks (part of our security).

  • We do not issue locks without 3 keys.

  • Renters initial on the lease that they have in their possession all 3 keys for each lock. 

  •  If one or all the keys are lost, then we pull that lock out of circulation.

  • If you forgot your keys at home, you're going to have to go back and get them, or pay to have us cut and replace the set.

  • We won't vacate customers until all 3 keys are returned or their replacement set is paid for (or some other arrangement we agree to).

  • The lease holder is responsible for the keys. If friends or family do not return them to us, the lessee is still liable.

  • If you have paid for lost keys, you have 2 weeks to find and return them to us for a refund or credit. 

Rattlesnakes? You have RATTLESNAKES?!

When this question is asked, its usually in a slightly raised voice that is just on the verge of breaking.  This is Arizona. You may not find any 'Storage War' treasures here, but chances are you will come across an interesting Arizona critter at some point. Of those critters, rattlesnakes are probably the most unsavory. Since we have built our storage facility on their territory, they occasionally feel entitled to exercise their rights to mingle with the customers here, whom they probably see as squatters on their property. If you do come across any snakes in or around the storage facility, please don't find out if its a venomous variety; contact us. The same goes for mice, scorpions, spiders-of-gaaaa-size, or any other undesirable varmint. Do not pet them, befriend them or attempt to move them out of the way. Do not listen to any plea they may make, even if it sounds rational. Contact the office and we will escort them off the property.

do You Have any Specials or Deals?

This is often asked in many different ways by many different callers. "What kind of deals do you have? Are you doing any sort of promo or anything? Do you have any free rentals?"  We strive to be competitive in the local storage market. We would challenge customers to consider more than just the price. Skeptics may say, "Storage is storage." To that we would ask, "Is 'meat' just 'meat'?" I'm pretty sure the skeptic would prefer prime cut Angus beef filet (meat) over a haunch of  grilled Rodentia (meat).  If you care about what you put in storage then you should care about the type of  facility that stores your belongings. If a price is a few dollars higher, perhaps it is warranted: customer service, clean facility, wide aisles, non-leaky roof, security. Maybe we are simply the Filet of Storage Facilities, a cut above the rest. Check out our Amenities page and compare us to other facilities. Read our Google Reviews. There is much more to us than just 'storage'. Click here to go to our specials,discounts and deals page.  

That said, we do have discounts and specials. For more details, simply click on the link to our Discounts page. This should provide you with the information you need. We try to run a quarterly special, deal, or discount. Sometimes they target specific unit sizes; other times, the discount canvases all the storage sizes.  Always, we seek to offer the best deal around.

Food and perishables: Can I store food items?

On our official AAAFS Scale of Terrible Things to Store, with 10 being the worst, Food Stuffs, whether human or animal, score a 9.875. Our lease clearly prohibits the storage of food items. Most of our tenants are in agreement with the lease. Granted, we doubt people will store tomatoes and milk and expect them to be edible in six months, but we do have tenants occasionally storing dry goods. Often, when a house is packed up, the canned food, flour, sugar, and spices and such are tossed in a box and packed up with the rest of the house. This can become problematic. So why the fuss? Its just a few boxes of cereal (or, rice, or noodles, or dog food, or whatever). The prime reason is mice. They are drawn to your food.  They eat. They like the handy food supply. They move in. They find your box of clothing. They make a nursery. They have kids.  Kids being kids, they invite friends and begin dating.... "A female mouse can have between 5 and 10 litters every year, with five or six babies in each litter. Young mice are capable of reproducing when they're six weeks old, and mice typically live to between 9 and 12 pair of mice can produce more than 15,000 offspring in a year".  So, the storage of food items becomes a handy Costco for Verminburg. ( And let's not forget the symbiotic food chain: Mice like your food. Rattlesnakes like mice. Bugs like your food and mice droppings. Spiders like roaches and bugs. Please do not store food items, it will surely result in undesirable vermin infestations. Curious to find out what a 10.0 is on our Terrible Things to Store Scale? We aren't; However, I suppose a person, living or not, tops the scale. We don't really care to find out.

Do You Use Pest Control?

Yes we do use pest control. Before a unit is rented to you, we sweep, wipe down the walls, spray insect repellent and refresh the rodent bait. Keep in mind that the spray and bait blocks we use have a limited life span. If five years go by and your property appears to have been visited by mice or bugs, it could simply be that your box was more appealing than a 3 year old chunk of bait. We also have rodent bait stations on the ground at various locations in the facility (for those mice on the go). Be aware that we use chemicals and poisons, so if you are sensitive to such, let us know (and read your lease you signed). Keep your pets and children away from the bait stations and bait blocks. (Children are never to be unattended and pets must remain in the vehicle, so hopefully this a moot point). Although we attempt to control the vermin population, there are times when it doesn't bring about the desired results. We hope you understand that we can't exercise absolute control as to where a mouse may choose to poo or expire. 

Why is there a Late Fee?

The simple answer is: because the payment is over 5 days late. Prior to a late fee being added to the balance due, we attempt to contact customers 4 times. Consider this scenario - lets say you're rent is due on the 25th of each month. About a week before rent is due, an email is sent as a reminder. On the 25th (which is technically the first day late), we give a courtesy call as a reminder. On the 26th, day 2, we email a rent due reminder. On the 29th, day 5, we call or email again to remind of the late fee being added the following day (12:00:01 AM). We think we go way above what most other storage facilities, who may wait until AFTER a late fee is added before calling. 

What's the strangest thing you've found in a storage unit?

You mean besides rattlesnakes? (Just kidding). This answers vary from employee to employee. Leonard is our Lord of Maintenance, and off the top of his head, he says the strangest thing he's found in an unit is a dead fish. No idea how it got in there - maybe left in a tank to dry up? Another way to assuage curiosity in the mean time is to ask yourself, 'What is the strangest, or weirdest, or most embarrassing thing in my house?' and then put it in storage and don't pay rent. Months later, along comes Leonard, your question is answered; for both yourself and us. 

Can I smoke or drink beer or other alcohol while movinG in or out?

Yes, you can; but here at the facility, you may not. Honestly, we can't recall ever being asked. There are close to 10 billion signs posted on and around the property, as well as a signed legal document called a 'Lease Agreement',  that prohibit smoking, drinking and drug use. Why? Primarily, because smoking is a fire hazard. Plus, we don't really look forward to having to pick up things that have resided, even briefly, in a customer's mouth - whether butts, chewing tobacco, alcohol bottles or cans. Although we respect your freedom and right to smoke, chew and drink, we ask that you respect our freedom and right as a privately owned local business to deny that right on our property. And I did exaggerate - there are probably only 3 or 4 billion signs. Sorry. 

Do you have a dumpster I can use?

No, we do not have a dumpster. It is the responsibility of customers to remove all property and trash (wanted and unwanted) from the unit and facility. We must, on occasion, address the question as to why we do not have a dumpster. The answer is because we become liable for potential hazardous waste (batteries, solvents, paints...). Too, our dumpster would quickly become the neighborhood's dumpster. Sure, we could lock it, but then people would simply toss their garbage around it. Please take all property, boxes, packing paper, and trash with you.  

Do you have restrooms?

Yes, we do have restrooms. There are two outside on the facility grounds, and one in the office. We provide the tissue and paper towels. Although some may find it tempting to test the flushing capabilities of our toilets, we ask that only the icky things that are supposed to be left in a toilet be flushed. Paper towels and tissues of the nose-blowing variety do not flush as well as hoped - primarily because they are designed to absorb moisture; unlike toilet tissue, which is designed to dissolve in water.  So please put paper towels and Kleenex and other unflushables in the trash can. Feel free to test your scientific theories of the flushableness of shoes, bowling balls, socks, and Fiats at your home commode.