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Can't I just Call you?

Sure! If you don't want to spend time looking for the right question and answer, just call us (Click). 520.458.5770

What are your hours of operation?

GATE & FACILITY ACCESS: 6:00 AM to 9:00 PM (0600 hrs to 2100 hrs) every day of the year.  Ask us about 24 hour access.  

OFFICE: 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM (0800 hrs to 1700 hrs) Monday through Friday; Saturday 8:00 AM to 12:00 PM (0800 hrs to 1200 hrs). The office is Closed on Sunday.

Do you have auctions?

No, we do not do auctions. We do all we can to work patiently with customers that neglect payments. If the event of an abandoned unit or a unit foreclosure  does happen we typically donate what is usable to local charitable organizations.

If you are seriously interested in auctions, check out Tumbleweed Auction. They might just have what you are seeking.


No, not if you rent with us. Most other storage facilities require that you purchase their offered policy or ask that you prove you have home owners or renter’s insurance that covers your property while it is being stored. We provide this as an option instead of a requirement. As a friendly suggestion, it would be a good idea to contact your homeowner's or renter’s insurance company to see if they will cover your property while it is being stored with us. We also give you the option to acquire coverage through our offered policy. Again, Neither is a requirement. Also, You can opt in or out of our offered insurance policy at any time, so there is no pressure to decide before you sign your lease. 

Can I prepay rent?

Yes, you can prepay on your rent. We offer both 6-month & 12-month prepaid packages. If you prepay 5 months at the base rate, then you get 1 month free (month 6). If you prepay for 10 months, then you get 2 months free (months 11 and 12) .

When is my rent due?

We offer month-to-month leases.  If you started renting on the 12th of the month, your rent comes due again on the 12th of each month. We will also work with you if you ever need to change your due date due to comply with things like employment pay periods, other monthly bills, ect. 

WHEN can i vacate?

You can vacate your unit at any time.  HOWEVER, there are some very important details you need to know: First, let us know. Your lease agreement asks for a 10 day written notice. Second, vacate BEFORE your due date (example: If you started renting on the 12th of the month, clear out your unit and turn in the keys by office closing time on the 11th). Third, turn in all three of your keys. If you do not turn in your keys, you are NOT vacated. We will terminate our lease agreement with you once you have returned the keys to us or paid for the loss or full replacement of keys to your unit. 


No, we do not prorate rent or reimburse for unused days. The Lease agreement states that the rental contract is month-to-month. We suggest that renters plan their move out date as close as possible to their due date without going over in to the new month. We also suggest that you talk to us prior to your due date to discuss your vacate plans, especially if you are on automatic payments. As always, call us if you have questions. We love to keep an open line of communication with our customers to avoid any confusion.


Lost keys are no fun.  When you rent here, you are loaned 3 keys and a lock to your storage unit. If one or two keys are misplaced, there is a $21.61 charge. If all 3 keys are lost, then there is a $46.61 charge. Some points to consider:

  • We do not have a 'Master Key' that gives us access to all locks (part of our security). 

  • All locks are issued with 3 keys.

  • Renters initial on the lease that they have 3 keys in their possession for each lock.

  • We won't vacate customers until all 3 keys are returned or their replacement set is paid for.

  • The lease holder is responsible for the keys. If friends or family do not return them to us, the lessee is still liable.

  • We offer a refund or credit for any missing/ lost key fee paid if the keys are found and returned within 2 weeks of original fee payment. 

Rattlesnakes? You have RATTLESNAKES?!

Year round warm temperatures and an incredibly diverse landscape makes Arizona a reptile paradise. It is inevitable that they will occasionally make an appearance. If you do come across any snakes on the property, please do not try and find out if it is a venomous variety; CONTACT US! The same goes for mice, scorpions, spiders, or any other undesirable varmint. We have excellent and regular pest control policies, but if you ever have any issues please contact the office and we will safely and quickly resolve them. 

do You Have any Specials or discounts?

Yes, we do! We offer a discount for all Military Personnel (Active Duty, Retired, and Veteran). We also offer a discount for Seniors (age 55+), First Responders, government contracted employees, and returning customers. Additionally, we usually run a quarterly special, deal, or discount. Sometimes they target specific unit sizes; other times, the discount canvases all the storage sizes. For more details, simply click on the link to our Discounts page. 

Will you match rental rates, specials, or discounts of local competitors?

We do not price match rates, discounts, or specials with local competing companies. We do strive to be competitive in the local storage market when it comes to rates, specials, and discounts. We also ask that you keep in mind we are so much more than just “storage”. Offering an optimal and incomparable self-storage experience sometimes means not being able to offer the same deals as local competitors. If you do find that another facility has seemingly more appealing rates, deals, or discounts we challenge customers to consider more than just the price. We aim to offer the best customer service, and we run a very clean facility with extra wide aisles, top of the line units, which dissipate both heat and moisture, and unrivaled, newly upgraded Security. We also do not charge move in, move out, administration or standard cleaning fees like many other companies do. Check out our Amenities page and compare us to other facilities or read our Google Reviews to find out why we are without a doubt your best option for self- storage. If you are still in doubt feel free to stop by for a cold bottle of water and a tour of our facilities.

Food and perishables: Can I store food items?

No. Our lease clearly prohibits the storage of food items. The prime reason is mice. They are drawn to any kind of food and we all know how easy it is for 1 mouse to become 20 mice. Let’s also not forget the symbiotic food chain: Mice like your food. Rattlesnakes like mice. Bugs like your food and mice droppings. Spiders like roaches and bugs. To cut to the main point, please do not store food items, it will surely result in undesirable vermin infestations.  

what about pest Control?

We do stay consistent and efficient when it comes to pest control. Before a unit is rented to you, we sweep it out, wipe down the walls, spray insect repellent and refresh the rodent bait. We also have rodent bait stations on the ground at numerous locations in the facility for those mice on the go. Be aware that we use chemicals and poisons, so if you are sensitive to such, let us know. Keep your pets and children away from the bait stations and bait blocks. Children are never to be unattended and pets must remain in the vehicle. Although we are very proactive when it comes to vermin and pest control there are times when these unwanted critters do appear. Because of the desert habitat we live in we hope you understand that we can't exercise absolute control over nature which includes vermin and insects. If a situation like this does arise, please contact us, and we will do everything we can to resolve the problem as quickly and efficiently as possible.

if i don't pay my rent on time will i be charged a late fee?

We grant you a 5-day courtesy grace period starting the day that your rent comes due. We do charge a late fee if the payment is over 5 days late. Prior to a late fee being added to the balance due, we attempt to contact customers multiple times by mail, phone, and email in order to resolve the situation and allow an opportunity for the customer to avoid the fee. Even with our late fee, we offer a lot more flexibility when it comes to late payments than other storage companies do. We strive to work with our customer’s and ask that an open line of communication be kept with us if a situation does arise preventing payment so that we can maintain a mutually beneficial arrangement and avoid any misunderstandings.

Can I smoke or drink alcohol while on the property?

No. Our Facility strictly prohibits the use of any tobacco products, drugs, or alcohol at any time while on the premises. There are signs posted on and around the property stating this policy and it is strictly enforced. This policy is also detailed in the lease agreement you sign upon move in. Please put out your cigarettes prior to accessing our facilities. Although we respect your freedom and right to smoke, chew, and drink, we ask that you respect our freedom and right as a privately owned local business to deny that right on our property. 

Do you have a dumpster I can use?

No, we do not have a dumpster. It is the responsibility of the customer to remove all property and trash (wanted and unwanted) from the unit and facility. We do not offer a public dumpster because we become liable for potential hazardous waste (batteries, solvents, paints...). Please take all property, boxes, packing paper, and trash with you to avoid a waste clean up fee.  

Do you have restrooms?

Yes, we do have fully stocked restrooms. There are two outside on the facility grounds, and one in the office. Although some may find it tempting to test the flushing capabilities of our toilets, we ask that only toilet paper be flushed. Paper towels and tissues of the nose-blowing variety do not flush as well as hoped - primarily because they are designed to absorb moisture; unlike toilet tissue, which is designed to dissolve in water.  So please put paper towels, Kleenex, and other unflushables in the trash can. If you notice any of our restrooms require maintenance of any kind please notify an employee. It will be taken care of right away.